5 Life Lessons from Game of Thrones


“Game of Thrones” , a very popular television series has taken HBO by storm attracting record number of viewers highly anticipating #GoTSeason6. With the new season will of course come more death.  One thing is certain and that is death is inevitable.  It is inevitable for the characters in the show as well as for the avid watchers.  Although viewers of the show probably rarely think of their own death, they understand that life is a precious gift that must be protected. This show does a great job of teaching Life Insurance Lessons such as When do you need it? and Why Do you need it?

Lesson 1: The Best Age to Buy Life Insurance 

  • When: You are young
  • Why: You are healthy, so it will typically cheaper
  • Do you have people who depend on you? Maybe you are like Jon Snow who have younger siblings in need of your protection. If that is the case, investing in life insurance is a wise decision to secure their financial future. 

Lesson 2: Protecting your Spouse with Life Insurance 

  • When: You get married
  • Why: Financial protection for your spouse especially if you are the sole provider of your household
  • When you get married you take a vow, “Till death do us part.” In the case of Sansa’s and Joffrey’s wedding, Joffrey died at his wedding feast.  There is no knowing what tomorrow may bring…

Lesson 3: Life Insurance can Help Fund your Child’s Education 

  • When: Your children are at a young age
  • Why: Help pay for college and pay off student debt
  • Lysa Arryn “commits suicide” leaving her child without a parent. Life Insurance can help protect your child when you can’t. 

Lesson 4: Life Insurance can Aid Empty Nesters or Retirees

  • When: You are older and retired
  • Why: You have grandchildren who could use your support or it could act as mortgage protection
  • If you have grandchildren like Tywin Lannister, you could help them accomplish important goals.

Lesson 5: Life Insurance for Business Owners 

  • When: You own your own business and have +1 employees
  • Why: It can help attract and retain employees along with making it financially possible to hire and train a replacement in the event of an employee’s death
  • Littlefinger owned his business and lost quite a few employees to death. It can happen to any Business Owner. 

The following is a quote by Petyr Baelish: “Everyone dies. Don’t worry about death, instead worry about life and take charge of it.” Take charge of your life today and give JASON ARCHER a call at 973.394.0212 or visit Get a Quote.



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