Fire is on the Rise this February in NJ

firefighter 1

Recently, there have been three huge fires spreading throughout Warren and Hunterdon Counties in Northern New Jersey.  The most recent fire struck Warren County in Harmony Twsp causing Belvidere Rd (Route 519) to be closed off.  This month’s first big fire was actually in Hillsborough, New Jersey and caused the township schools to be closed and parts of a major highway to be closed as well. Northern New Jersey’s third big fire was in Clinton, NJ.

For all of you Northern New Jersey residents watching the news, it can be scary to see all these fires popping up near you. And so, it is good to feel protected and know that you are taking all the necessary precautions to keep your home safe. Here are some tips from The Archer Group to help keep you and your home protected:

-Remove dead trees, branches and plants from your property

– Be sure your shrubs are pruned

– Maintain your lawn by keeping your grass cut short and have debris removed

– Keep your roof and gutters clean of twigs and other debris

– Cut off branches near your home if they are touching the roof or chimney

– Free the ground of pine needles

– If you store wood outside, place it 50 feet or more from your house

– Put together an emergency kit or make sure all your emergency supplies are in an easy to reach, designated spot in your house. For example, batteries, flashlights, spare set of keys, blankets should all be kept together.

– Consider downloading a couple of news apps to your phone like or to keep up-to-date on the latest Nj news and happenings.

To find out more tips visit: Farmers Insurance.


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