Hunterdon County Man Car Accident in NJ

pickup truck

Did you hear about the car accident along Asbury Anderson Road West in Warren County, New Jersey? On March 17th, a young gentleman from Hunterdon County was riding his pickup truck in Washington Township and ended up rolling the car over on the driver’s side.

The auto accident occurred late last Thursday night. Fortunately, no other drivers on the road were hurt when the vehicle rolled over. As for the young man driving the car, he was rushed to the hospital. Both the local firemen and policemen in Warren County arrived at the scene. To learn more visit: LehighValleyLive.

Car crashes happen all the time. Did you know that on average 25% of drivers have no insurance and another 30% do not have enough insurance? Car Insurance is very important. You never know when you are going to get into an accident and when you are going to need it.

For example, if this man were to crash his car into a New Jersey resident’s white picket fence, and he had the right amount of property damage coverage on his auto policy then his liability would be covered for damaging another person’s personal property.

I hope this Hunterdon County gentleman had sufficient insurance to cover the damage done to both his vehicle and to himself. Personal injury protection on an auto policy, for instance, would cover a broad range of medical costs.

Car insurance in New Jersey is something Jason Archer knows a little bit about. Give your local insurance agent, Jason Archer, a call today at 973.394.0212 to talk coverage!


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