Mother’s Day in Northern New Jersey

Did you know that Mother’s Day is next weekend {May 8, 2016}? Just like everything else, birthdays, holidays, and Mother’s Day can all creep up on us. Even though this special day is only a weekend…

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Mother’s Day in Northern New Jersey

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Did you know that Mother’s Day is next weekend {May 8, 2016}? Just like everything else, birthdays, holidays, and Mother’s Day can all creep up on us. Even though this special day is only a weekend away, I have no clue how I will be celebrating this day with my mother.  Fortunately for those of us living in the Northern New Jersey area, there are a lot of things for you and me to choose from if you want to treat your mom to a special day out on the town. Here are a few ideas:

  • Dog lovers: If your mom is dog lover, and you know this day would not be the same unless her pooch was by her side, you have quite a few options to choose from such as:
    • If your mom has a dog, chances are she likes to walk it. Why not take your mom and her pet on one of the most beautiful trails in NJ, Buttermilk Falls Trail located in Layton, NJ in Sussex County. Buttermilk Falls trail is a 7.5 mile trail great for the kids and of course the dogs too. On this trail you will see beautiful wildflowers, plants and trees. You will trek part of the Appalachian Trail. There is tons of wildlife and birds. You and your mom will relish waterfront views of Crater Lake and Hemlock Pond. I haven’t even told you the best part yet. If you take this hike, you will have the pleasure of seeing New Jersey’s tallest waterfall at over 200ft called Buttermilk Falls. To learn more visit:
    • Want to take your mom out to lunch and bring the dog along? Morristown Deli offers a relaxing, tranquil outdoor café where you can sit and have lunch with your pooch. If your mom treats your dog like a baby, this is the place for her. Morristown Deli will give your mom’s dog a highchair or boaster, a bib, his or her own doggie menu, a bowl of water and some special doggie treats. To learn more visit: in baby bid
  • Antique lovers: Does one of your mother’s favorite hobbies include collecting antiques? Why not bring her around to one of Northern New Jersey’s best and largest antique shops called Lafayette Mill Antiques Center in Lafayette Twsp with over 50 unique dealers and over 20,000sq ft. To learn more visit: If you think your mom would be more comfortable in less intimidating, smaller antique shop, give Grey Barn Antiques in Andover a try. This place has over 30 unique dealers, but it is only a little over 2,000sq ft and it accepts dogs as long as they are on a leash. To learn more about this antique shop visit:
  • Fishermen or Fisherwomen: Does you mom like to fish?
    • Stephens State Park has been called the best NJ state park for fishing. It is located in Hackettstown, NJ or the Warren County area.  The Musconetcong River is a hotspot for people who love to fish. Not only is it a beautiful river, but also it has tons of fish with trout fish being the most popular. If you have children, this place is great for the kids too! It has picnic areas and a playground for children of every age. If the fish aren’t biting, you can always walk along the river or hike one of the many trails. To learn more click here:
  • For the kids: Are there small children in your family? Why not take the family to Space Farms Zoo for Mother’s Day?
    • Space Farms is a great place for the kids because of its playground, ice cream stand and petting zoo feature. On Sunday, May 8th there is actually a free drawing to win a season pass! In addition, on that day there will be special nursing feedings to celebrate Mother’s Day. With over 100 species and 500 live animals, you, your mom and the kids will definitely not be bored! Check out this link to learn more:
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  • Flowers: What woman do you know who doesn’t like flowers? Every woman likes flowers even if they say they don’t.
    • The State Botanical Garden in Ringwood, NJ is one the prettiest gardens in all the state. There are thousands different plants here and all kinds of beautiful flowers. According to their site, the Lilac Garden is at its best in the middle of May, so you don’t want to miss this specialty garden. To learn more visit:
    • If you don’t feel like taking your mom to a beautiful garden filled with flowers, you can always buy her a beautiful bouquet of them at a local store. One of the best flowers shops in the Morris County area is Candle-Lite in Denville, NJ. It has been voted best Florist in Morris County in the Reader’s Choice Daily Record. They have some of the most beautiful flower arrangements for every occasion such as birthdays, anniversaries, weddings and of course Mother’s Day! To learn more visit:
  • The Mall: Every woman likes to shop. Why not take your mom to one of the most beautiful malls in New Jersey… Short Hills Mall!
    • The mall is great back-up plan in case the weather doesn’t cooperate with your plans. According to the long range 10-day forecast, Sunday is supposed to be high 72 degrees and partly cloudy. That is the forecast for me at least. I live in Warren County, NJ in Belvidere, but I am guessing that the rest of Northern NJ will have a similar forecast.
    • This mall is not your average, run of the mill mall. There are over 100 specialty stores with beautiful window displays your mom will love. If your mom has a small dog, it is more than welcome here. She should put him or her in a carrier, and if she doesn’t have a carrier, she can rent out a stroller at the mall for the little one.
    • To make your life easy and convenient, there a free mobile app for the mall that you can download to your phone to easily navigate around the mall using the map feature, find offers and special sales, or save your favorite stores.
    • To learn more visit: hills

Every mom is different, so it’s hard for me to give you advice on how you should spend this special day with her, but hopefully you found this information helpful or you got some ideas from it. Hope you have a great day with your mom next weekend.

Good luck!

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Do I need Umbrella Insurance?


Umbrella insurance isn’t for everyone. Not everyone needs it. A person who carries Umbrella Insurance usually falls within one or both of the following categories:  

  • High risk


  • High net worth

If you are reading this and find that one or both of the categories define you and your situation then you might want to consider looking into Umbrella Insurance if you don’t have it already.

So, if you are one of those wealthy individuals who owns a beautiful yacht, maybe a Porsche and a couple Mercedes Benz, and a multi-million dollar home than you are exposed to great risk. Although you may have a boat, auto and home policy, sometimes even the highest liability limits won’t be enough. In order to feel more protected and have that extra cushion, consider purchasing an umbrella policy.

 Umbrella insurance extends the limits of your underlying liability coverage, and it can do it for a pretty small cost (usually somewhere around $250-$600 a year*).

If you are still not sure whether or not an umbrella policy would be a good fit for you, let me ask you the following questions:

  1. Do you have a beautiful swimming pool in your backyard?
  2. Are you a vehicle enthusiast?
  3. Is your boat your second home?
  4. Do you have a vacation home or two?
  5. Are you hosting weekly or monthly parties at your home?

If you answered yes to one or all of these questions than you have large income and assets that need to be protected. Give your local Farmers Agent, Jason Archer, a call today at 973.394.0212 or email him at Jason Archer will answer all your questions you have about Umbrella Insurance and will let you know if this product is right for you.


The Archer Group


What is Bodily Injury, Property Damage, Comp Coverage, and Collision?

coverages auto insurance blog pic

Have you ever taken a look at your insurance policy and thought to yourself what the hell does all of this mean?  Everybody knows they need insurance for their vehicle to protect it from harm.  You may know why you need insurance, but do you really understand what insurance is?

In regard to your Auto Policy, it is crucial that you understand all the different parts of the car insurance policy, because you may be under or over insured. How do you know how much coverage to ask for, if you don’t even know what bodily injury means?

WHAT IS BODILY INJURY?– Bodily injury liability coverage will pay if an insured is legally obligated to pay damages due to bodily injury to others arising from an accident (i.e. a covered loss). Coverage amounts are selectable in split limits (such as 50/100, 100/300 etc). The first limit indicates the maximum amount (in thousands of dollars) that can be paid in any one accident to any one person for injury or death. The second limit indicates the maximum amount (in thousands of dollars) that can be paid in any one accident (occurrence) for all persons for injury or death. The policy also provides for legal defense costs, subject to provisions in the policy.

WHAT IS PROPERTY DAMAGE? – Property Damage liability coverage will pay for accidental property damage caused by an insured driver to someone else’s property when the insured driver is legally responsible. The limit shown on screen is per accident (occurrence), and is in thousands of dollars. (Example: ’50’ means $50,000). The policy also provides for legal defense costs, subject to provisions in the policy.

WHAT IS NO LIMITATION ON LAWSUIT? – Selecting ‘Yes’ for this coverage option will give the insured the right to sue the person who caused an accident for pain and suffering for any injury.  Selecting ‘No’ means that the insured agrees not to sue the person who caused an auto accident for their pain and suffering unless they sustain one of the following, permanent injuries listed here: loss of a body part, significant disfigurement, displaced fracture, loss of a fetus, permanent injury, death.

WHAT IS UNINSURED MOTORISTS PROPERTY DAMAGE? – Personal Auto Insurance that provides coverage for property damage if the insured is involved in an accident with an uninsured motor vehicle.

WHAT IS UNINSURED/UNDERINSURED MOTORISTS BODILY INJURY, UM/UIMBI? – Personal Auto Insurance that provides coverage for injuries if the insured is involved in an accident with an underinsured, at-fault driver. Coverage amounts are in split limits (ie – 50/100, 100/300 etc). The first limit indicates the maximum amount (in thousands of dollars) that can be paid in any one accident to any one per person. The second limit indicates the maximum amount (in thousands of dollars) that can be paid in any one accident for all persons.

WHAT IS COMPREHENSIVE COVERAGE? – Covers the insured vehicle for physical damage arising from perils other than collision. Refer to the policy for specific definitions and exclusions. Coverage is subject to the deductible selected in Express.

WHAT IS COLLISION? – Covers physical damage to the insured vehicle (less any deductible selected) when the damage is caused by a collision with another car or object as defined in the policy.

WHAT IS RENTAL REIMBURSEMENT? – This coverage reimburses the insured for the lesser of actual daily rental charges or the purchased limit option for a maximum of 30 days for each qualified disablement on a covered vehicle. A qualified disablement means a loss covered by the Comprehensive or Collision sections of the policy. Rental Reimbursement may be purchased for any vehicle covered by Comprehensive and Collision coverages. The limit options shown in Express are per day amounts.

Hopefully after reading about some of the most important coverages on an auto policy, you have a better understanding of your car insurance policy and feel more comfortable about it.  One thing I want to point out about this blog post is that I did not touch upon PIP which stands for Personal Injury Protection.  I did not mention PIP in this particular blog post, but it is the MOST IMPORTANT COVERAGE on an auto policy. Being that PIP is so important and is a MANDATORY COVERAGE in the state of New Jersey, if you haven’t already you should read my earlier blog post entitled, “What is PIP?”

In summary, there is a lot to be learned about car insurance and its coverages. If you have questions or concerns about your policy or simply want to learn more, please don’t hesitate to give me a ring at 973.394.0212 or shoot me an email at You can also find me online at


Jason Archer

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