NJ Insurance

NJ Insurance Agent serving the Warren County, Somerset County, Sussex County, Morris County, Essex County, Passaic County, Bergen County, Hunterdon County and Essex County Area.
My name is Jason Archer and I come from a family line of business owners. I support small businesses, business owners and the American Dream.
My one purpose in life is to educate people and provide value for them. I want to help my fellow New Jersey neighbors protect what matters to them most whether that be their car, home, business, motorcycle, RV, boat, or other investment. For example, did you know that 1 of the top 3 reported causes of house damage is water damage? Did know that there is an additional coverage called Water and Sewage Backup Coverage that you can add to your Home Insurance policy which can save you thousands? To boot, there is an additional coverage called Limited Mold Protection which protects your home against mold. Mold is byproduct of water damage that can seriously devalue your home. Interested in learning more ways to protect your greatest assets/investments? Visit: My Website.
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