8 Things to Have in Your Car this Winter


Winter can bring driving surprises, but things can’t ever get too bad if you are prepared. Here’s our list of the 8 things you should have in your car this winter.

  1. Windshield scraper and snow brush: A long-handled ice scraper with a soft-bristled brush will make it easier to clear your windshield, windows, mirrors and lights.
  1. LED Flashers/Flares:LED lights run for hours on their batteries and do a good job alerting other drivers if your car is on the side of the road (or off the road entirely). Flares are a good option, too, because the heat they put out prevents them from being covered in snow. Plus, in an extreme emergency you can use flares to start a warming or signaling fire.
  1. Emergency Phone Charger:You can’t call for help on a dead cellphone.  A hand-crankable phone charger will work anywhere, even if you are away from the car or if the car battery is dead, assuring that you can call for help (and talk as long as you need to) in any circumstance.
  1. Shovel:Even a compact folding shovel can help you dig your car out of the snow.
  1. Traction Help:Sand, or even kitty litter, under your drive wheels can provide the traction you need to get moving from a standstill. If you’re stuck, throw some down and you should be able to get out. Of course, having tire chains is best.
  1. Wool Blanket:Your car provides shelter, but you don’t want to run the engine if you have a limited amount of fuel and besides, if stuck in a snowbank, that snowbank may redirect deadly exhaust fumes into your car. For warmth and safety, use a wool blanket (it will keep you warm even if it gets wet).
  1. Food and Drink:It’s exceptionally rare for anyone to be stranded during a winter blizzard for more than a day, but keeping a few energy bars and a plastic bottle or two of sugary energy drink will be helpful and comforting (the electrolytes and sugars in the drinks lower the beverage’s freezing point, ensuring you’ll still be able to drink it when you need it).
  1. Windshield De-Icer:An extra bottle of de-icer can help keep your windshield clear, and in emergencies you can use de-icer to melt ice on the road or any frozen car parts.

I hope this information helps you prepare for the winter! I don’t know about you, but #5 surprised me. Who knew that kitty litter could help improve traction for your vehicle in snowy/icy conditions. Who needs salt when you have kitty litter?! Well, best of luck getting through the winter. Spring and summer will be here before you know it. If you are interested in learning more car preparation tips for the winter please fill out your contact info. below.


Jason Archer

Owner of the Archer Group – Farmers Insurance Agency

T: (973) 394 – 0212

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