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Do you feel you are overpaying on car insurance? Do you think you could get better coverage for less?

Did you know that Farmers Insurance is one the top insurers in the state of New Jersey offering affordable insurance with great coverage? My name is Jason Archer and I am a Farmers Insurance Agent. I have created an online auto quote form specifically designed for people who are on the go. It is mobile friendly and has ONLY 10 fields of information to fill out which makes it super fast and easy!

After you fill out all your details and hit “Submit,” within 24 hours I will email you out the quote or send it to your cell phone which ever one is easier for you. Here is the link to fill out your no-obligation New Jersey car insurance quote with Farmers Insurance: Car Quote.

Watch this brief video below to see just how quick and easy it is!

See how easy it is to get a quote? Fill out your details below to see how you can save on car insurance!

Again my name is Jason Archer, and I am an agent with Farmers Insurance. If you have any questions or concerns regarding car insurance or other types of insurance please don’t hesitate to shoot me an email at or give me a call at 973-394-0212.  My website also has a lot of valuable information on it, so check it out if you get a chance. Visit: Jason Archer Farmers Insurance. I love visitors, so if you ever want to stop in, walk-ins are welcome! My agency is located at 300 Interpace Pkwy, Ste 400B in Parsippany, NJ 07054. See the map below for more details:


11th Hour 4th Annual Spaghetti Dinner

400 flyers animal rescue 1

The ARCHER GROUP is excited to both sponsor and attend the 11th Hour 4th Annual Spaghetti Dinner this Saturday, April 2nd in Lake Hopatcong, New Jersey.

Jason Archer’s mission is not only to save people money on their insurance, but also he aims to help save the animals. Unfortunately, there are many animals out there that are suffering and being mistreated.  Fortunately there is an organization called 11th Hour which gives these poor animals a voice.

11th Hour mission statement reads:

Focusing on saving Death Row Animals from kill shelters; fostering them in a home; providing them with all  the love and medical attention they require until they find their forever homes; educating the community about the animal over population problem and the importance of spaying and neutering.

Looking forward to a fantastic evening centered around such a great cause!


The Archer Group

300 Interpace Pkwy, Ste 400B

Parsippany, NJ 07054


Should I get Pet Insurance?

Pooke in Farmers T-Shirt

Do you have a pet who means the world to you? Do you treat them like they are your child? Maybe you dress them up in cute clothes like this Pomeranian wearing a Jason Archer Farmers® t-shirt.

The bottom line is your pet is your not only a great companion, but also adds years to your life.  Owning a Dog Can Add 10 Years to Your Life. Pets do so much for their owners and their kids.  I’m sure you have heard or know that simply petting your pet can reduce stress and anxiety. Why not protect your little angel with pet insurance?

Here is a list of 3 Reasons why you need pet insurance?

  1. Pets get sick too  – Just like you and me, pets get sick too and require visits to the vet. Luckily, pet insurance from Farmers Insurance will cover up to 90% on veterinary bills. Your pet will be covered for things like injuries, allergies, surgeries, diabetes, cancer, broken bones, etc.
  2. Increasing animal care expenses – People are not the only ones living longer. Our pet’s life expectancy is increasing as well. With that comes rising animal care costs.
  3. Financial safety net – pet insurance provides peace of mind.

Now you may ask, is Pet Insurance Expensive?  Your pet can be covered for about the cost of pet food.

So what are you waiting for? Give Jason Archer Farmers Insurance Agency a call today at 973.394.0212 or visit. Get a no-obligation quote.


Jason Archer